There is this one thing which is evoking conflict within myself. It keeps coming again, and again, and again. When I learn a new vocabulary word, it comes. When I add a few tasks to anydo, it comes. When I quickly take a mental note of the OTP I get on my phone, it comes. And there are endless instances when I found that it coming.

By the way, what is that it? The thought which says "What if I forget?" This thought comes when one self-doubt their ability to remember information.

I found myself in that situation. It doesn't feel good. After many days, I decided to solve it. I sat at my desk and contemplated for an hour or two with my marker and inkinite book. Finally, the problem was solved. That 'it' no more comes to me.

Let me ask you a few questions. Can you tell me a few names of fruits? what about animals? what about the names of companies of cars?

Come on. Do it. Test yourself.

You find that you could easily tell the names. Why?

Because all the names of fruits belong to the fruits category. All the names of animals belong to the animal category. And the same goes for cars too.

When you put some things into one category it means that they are organized. We very well know that the mind remembers through linking similar things or experiences.

Moving on, what is memory? Where do you think it is? It is in those organized thoughts that memory is. You think randomly for a few seconds and see how good your memory is. You would feel so awful.

This piece of text, which is the final result of my contemplation, solved my problem.

From then on, if I had to remember something which is irrelevant from what I mostly do or think, I'll make a note of it. Else, I don't.

The main reason why people have this problem is because of un-organized thoughts. So the idea of a bad memory is, at most times, an illusion. Of course, there are exceptions when people are mentally ill and suffer from amnesia. But at most times, people don't have a bad memory. Like I said, just like me, they are caught up in an illusion.

That's it. If you find any grammar corrections or have any suggestions, you're welcomed:)

Thanks for reading.