So you have come here looking for a solution to cure your addictions? If yes, then you are in the right place. Keep on reading.

I will keep everything short and simple. So, you are basically addicted to something right? Well, it's not entirely your mistake. We live in a very busy and entertaining world. We do lots of things, watch movies, talk to friends, surf the web, study for exams(really?) e.t.c and that's fine.

Now I'll ask you a simple question. Can you answer?

Are you doing all the things just because you love doing them?

Did it ever happen to you like this: You get a feeling that you want to watch how is Tony Stark flying in the sky, so you open Netflix and start watching a marvel movie once again?

This one may be: You take your phone, unlock it, and check for WhatsApp messages even if you didn't hear any notification sound?

Yes? No? Some other scenario?

Well, what's happening here is, most of us are trying to escape from the void. A void is something which has nothing in it. So, we are trying to escape the idleness(unconsciously) and, most often, are engaging ourselves in some sort of work. Just to avoid the void. Think for a second and you'll realize that you are escaping from the void(most probably as you are here to cure your addictions).

So this is the simple exercise: You find a suitable place to comfort yourself and set a 30-minute timer and Do Nothing!

You heard it right. You have to do nothing. There is no need to, even, concentrate on your breath. So, sit tight and do nothing. This, indeed, is the exercise.

I know I know, it sound's silly. But trust me, do it for a week or two for 30-minutes daily. This will definitely cure your addictions.

After all, if you could enjoy the void, what else can make you feel bored?